14.0 Beta Release Notes

Version: 14.0.0 Beta3


This is our biggest release since version 12 (a.k.a. New World) way back in May 2015, when we dared to perform open heart surgery on the core of the Fewzion server. Our biggest "lessons learn" from New World was that it's better to delay the release if necessary, than to push on with a major release such as this one because of commitments made to customers and partners to have it out by a given date. So, several weeks late and exhausted from working nonstop for a couple of months, we are so thrilled and relieved to announce the release of Version 14!

This time round, we performed open heart surgery on the Fewzion client, the bit of Fewzion that users see and interact with through their web browser when they use Fewzion. Interestingly we began this project over 2 years ago, and it got put on hold throughout that time due to competing priorities. The noticeable improvements of this work are a more modern look and feel and native support for touch gesture, which are becoming increasingly popular through the use of tablets out on the field.

New Features

  • Smart Import Wizard

    With the introduction of the Smart Import Wizard, Fewzion now has the ability to create customised Scheduled and Planned Tasks integrations, enabling Planners and Schedulers to import Tasks exported from an external system, by uploading data from excel spreadsheets. The Wizard was designed to be quick and easy to use, Fewzion Users are simply required to upload the excel spreadsheet they would like to import and the Wizard will then take them through the mapping and lookup steps.
  • External File System

    With the External file system feature you can now search for and attached files located in your local file system from directly within Fewzion. The integration, when run, allows Fewzion to create an index of the files in the target directory and all sub-directories. The files are then stored in Fewzion as the path to where the file was found in the file system.
  • KPIs Manage Screen

    Users can now view their sites' KPIs by clicking "List" on the KPIs panel in the Manage screen and change the KPIs display order, by dragging and dropping the KPIs listed. Though the KPIs manage screen functionality is currently limited, it is the first step towards the goal of enabling Fewzion Users to add, edit and deactivate their site's KPIs. 


  • Attachment Expiry Date

    Fewzion now has the ability to assign an expiry date to Attachments and if the Attachment is uploaded from a sites' SharePoint file system and has an expiry date, it will be automatically assigned to the Attachment. Designed to work with Fewzion's Compliance feature, sites' have the added ability to automatically flag Tasks with expired attachments as non-compliant.
  • Upgrade to Database Engine

    Among the benefits of performance improvements, Fewzion's upgrade to RavenDB 3.5 allowed for the implementation of Hangfire technology which was not supported by previous Raven database versions.
  • Upgrade to Background Task Scheduler

    Fewzion has implemented a completely new task scheduler, Hangfire. The implementation of Hangfire reduces the risk of background tasks being missed and adds the ability for Fewzion to fire off multiple requests in quick succession. This addresses issues experienced when amending default KPIs and the generating of "Next Week" Shift Plans.
  • Upgrade to Fewzion Framework

    Fewzion has now upgraded its whole structural framework to Ext JS 6, with the exception of the KPIs and Checklist TouchUI screens. The upgrade to Ext JS 6 enables Fewzion to create and implement new features with modern technology such as the Smart Import Wizard and Fewzion's Offline App.
  • Upgrade to Signalling Library

    Fewzion has completely phased out Websync in Fewzion v14.0. Fewzion now solely uses SignalR to publish data in realtime. The use of only one signalling library, whilst simplifying Fewzion's code, will also help increase Fewzion performance, by reducing the active connections on the browser and network traffic.
  • PATCH Requests

    Due to network security (of some clients) blocking the sending of PATCH requests, Fewzion has implemented a fail safe for PATCH request. Now if a request fails to send a PATCH, Fewzion will send the request through as a PUT.
  • Javascript Error Details Button

    A Details... button has been added to Fewzion's JavaScript Error messages, allowing Users to easily access and capture the errors' request information.
  • User leave Smart Import

    To allow sites to effectively resource balance their shift plans, leave can now be manually added to people from SAP. When the integration is run, the manually added leave will merge with leave entered into SAP provided the leave dates match or overlap.
  • Dashboard Chart: Shift Supervisor KPI Performance

    To improve the Dashboard Charts Users can now query a years worth of data from a Site's go live date and choose between two aggregate functions, "Sum" and "Average".
  • Smart Import Integrations

    "Week 3" "Week 4" & "Week 5" have bee added to the smart import integration Window drop down options, allowing Fewzion Users the ability to import tasks for those weeks without having to change the import's SQL statement.
  • Daily Review KPIs Report

    The Daily Review KPIs Report has been improve to handle the inclusion of many KPIs, by enabling the wrapping of the KPIs columns.
  • Daily Meeting KPIs Report

    The "Concerns" section on the Daily Meeting KPIs Report is now a configurable option, allowing sites' who do not require the feature to remove it.


  • Was undoing changes made to attachments when cancelling the "Edit Task" window, even though the changes appear to have been saved via the "Attachments" window.
    Now a confirmation message is display when cancelling the "Edit Task" window if there are any pending changes.

  • Was occasionally failing to copy attachments when scheduling and duplicating tasks too quickly.
    Now attachment copying is no longer required when duplicating tasks and this issue is avoided entirely.

  • Was not setting 'Fewzion-Version' to CORs exposed headers.
    Now sets 'Fewzion-Version' to all responses.

  • Was not running compliance policies against recurring tasks.
    Now runs compliance policies when scheduling recurring tasks.

  • Was not using the updated UserSnap widget and console recorder.
    Now has updated the UserSnap widget and enabled console recorder.

  • Was not displaying data for inactive Users on the dashboard charts and was returning a "500 Internal Error".
    Now display data for inactive Users on the dashboard charts and no longer returns a "500 Internal Error".

  • Was showing a blank screen for many users when navigating to the Planning Board screen.
    Now the Planning Board will load without issues after fixing a bug with the Standard Task group expand/collapse feature.

  • Was producing a JavaScript error when attempting to log in as a Guest.
    Now no longer returns a Javascript error and Users can successfully login as guests.

  • Was throwing an error when attempting to edit leave in IE 11 due to a date parsing error.
    Now parses dates correctly and no longer throws an error.

  • Was not copying attachment ids when scheduling recurring tasks for weeks 3, 4 and 5, resulting in errors when downloading attachments or printing Shift Plan reports.
    Now copies attachment ids when scheduling recurring tasks for weeks 3, 4 and 5.

  • Was scrolling the Standard Tasks grid back to the top when editing or deleting a Standard Task.
    Now the current scroll position remains after editing or removing a Standard Task.

  • Was not saving changes made to Instructions, if the "Edit Task Notes" screen was accessed via the "Pencil" icon.
    Now saves changes made to Instructions, when the "Edit Task Notes" is screen accessed via the "Pencil" icon.

  • Was not saving changes made to Users current fields, if the changes were made through the "Standard" screen.
    Now saves changes made to Users current fields, regardless of the screen used.

  • Was failing to save changes made to a Standard Task's checklist question answers, when a User clicked "Save" on the ""It looks like you have unsaved changes..." pop-up message.
    Now saves all changes made to Standard Tasks when "Save" is clicked on the ""It looks like you have unsaved changes..." pop-up message.

  • Was failing to display automated Tags, for recurring Scheduled Tasks until a change was made to the Shift Plan.
    Now displays automated Tags immediately for recurring Scheduled Tasks.

  • Was removing adhoc and manually added Tags from Tasks with automated Tags, if the automated Tag "Can be manually added" boolean was set to false.
    Now allows Tasks to retain concurrently all Tag types.

  • Was returning a JavaScript error when clicking "Finish" on the Keypad for a KPI Actual whose value is "0" (previously entered).
    Now no longer returns a JavaScript error when clicking "finish" on the Keypad, regardless the Actual value previously entered.

  • Was displaying disabled Processes on the process filter on the Roster screen
    Now no longer shows disabled Processes on the process filter.

Known Issues

  • Occasionally after using the scroll bar on the Planning board and Schedule screens, when clicking the "Inspection completed" icon or the "Shadow tasks accepted/decline" icon the scroll bar will jump.

  • On the Schedule screens when dragging and dropping Tasks into different shifts on the first Process, the scroll bar will return to the top of the screen.

  • On the Task Actuals screen when using the chevron to expand/collapse instructions or acknowledging notes by tapping on the "Tick" icon, the scroll bar will jump.

  • On the Planning board and Schedule screens, beneath the last Process listed, is a significant amount of white space.

  • On the Actuals screen Task Tag colors fail to appear, all Task Tag colours default to white.

  • On the Task Actuals screen Task Tags fail to appear.

  • On the Edit User Screen, when attempting to remove the only/last Role from a User, an error message will appear and Fewzion will forbid the removal of all Roles from a User.

  • The upgrade to ExJS 6 has introduce several bugs affecting Fewzion's touch functionality, such as when using touch gestures to drag and drop Tasks into different shifts, the scroll bar will also move with the gesture.


[SILENT] patches have no (or very little) effect on your installation, and are usually due to internal development.
[SUPPORT] fixes are client specific, and may not apply to your installation.
Please contact us if you seek clarification as to whether or not you are affected by any of these items.

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