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Instant Task Recurrences

Recurring tasks are amongst one of the most useful features in Fewzion. Our first implementation was great but changes to the recurring pattern only came into effect at the time of creating next week’s shift plans, a very predictable but basic mechanism, so we thought that it was about time to improve it.
Changes to standard task recurrences now get applied instantly, but don’t worry, Fewzion will show you any differences to the tasks since they were recurrently scheduled, and lets you decide which changed and moved tasks to keep.
We hope that you find our solution to this complex problem as simple as we aim all features in Fewzion to be, and of course we would love to hear your feedback.

Shift Attendance Logs

Now that you spent all that time setting up your roster it is time to squeeze every ounce of value from all that hard work. The shift attendance log feature seamlessly integrates to your existing attendance system to give real-time attendance monitoring of your personnel. Following the setup of a few simple configuration parameters, nominated users will start receiving real-time alerts of every imaginable exception to the roster.
The shift attendance logs are built over time to create a powerful audit trail of your personnel’s shift attendance, which you can query using some simple filters, and export to excel at the click of a button.


Feedback Widget

We looove user feedback, be it a bug, a suggestion for a great new feature or simply a call for help, we are only too happy to hear from you. So to enhance such communication we have embedded directly into Fewzion the most powerful feedback widget in the planet, no joke!
With a few mouse clicks, you can send us an annotated screenshot, directly into our issues management system. All that you have to do is add a comment, optionally highlight or annotate areas of interest directly on the screen, and you are done!


New Task Window Layout

We have rearranged the edit task window to be more compact. Tabs were added to reduce the amount of secondary information showing in the task window.
In addition, this more compact layout allows users without high resolution screens to see the entire content of the task window.

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