How to Add a User

Users are key to access Fewzion and perform tasks such as planning and scheduling shifts, creating reports or entering actual performances. A user has a username and a password, which allows each user the opportunity to be assigned to different roles and processes. This guide explains how you can accomplish this.

Step-By-Step Guide

Follow these steps to add a user in Fewzion.

1. Click on the Manage icon


2. Click Add on the Users section. This opens the Add User form



You can manage all settings on the Manage screen in Fewzion.

3. Fill in the user details (Personal details, Roles and Processes). Click Save



Click in Show in Roster if you like the user to appear on the Roster.
If you click in Track Shift Attendance than the user can be reported by Absenteeism Report.
Select the process/processes where the user will work.

Why do I need to set roles?
Different roles provide different access in Fewzion. A planner interested in different things than a crew leader or a leave approver. To provide access to their interest, roles need to be set otherwise the user will have the basic view permission of the Actuals screen.

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