How to Set a Due Date for Different Tasks

Due Date is key to set the expected completion date of a task in addition to monitoring performance. This guide explains how to accomplish this.

Step-By-Step Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to:

Follow these steps to set a Due Date for different tasks.

1. Click on the Planning Board icon



Set a Due Date for a Scheduled Task and for a Standard Task

1. Right click on any task of a particular shift and click Edit Shift Plan


2. Edit a task on the Shift Plan (in two ways)

2.1 Right click on the task and click Edit


2.2 Double click on the task. This opens the Edit Shift Plan Task form


3. Select the Due Date of the Scheduled Task



Set a Due Date for a Planned Task

1. Double click on the Planned Task. This opens the Edit Planned Task form


2. Select a due option



Days After S equivalent with Days After Schedule
For more information about due options see the "What is the difference between the due options of a planned task?" FAQ article.
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