How to Edit User Details

Editing a user is an essential task for human resources employees. Fewzion offers several options to edit user details. User details include personal information (Name, Employee No, Current Crew, Current Process, Password, etc.), Roles and Processes. Editing can be done on the Roster or on the Manage screen. This guide explains how you can accomplish this.

Step-By-Step Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to:

Follow these steps to edit user details in Fewzion.


Editing User Details by the Roster

1. Click on the Roster icon


2. Find the user. Double click on the row. This opens the Edit User form


3. Change user details by entering Username, Employee No, etc., or clicking in/out Roles and Processes. Click Close



Fewzion offers two modes such as standard and advanced mode to change crew, process, employer, department and occupation of a user. (For more information see the User Date Bound Setting article.)

Standard mode provides consecutive periods (when a period is finished a new period can start - no overlap).


Advanced mode provides flexibility to manage users by overlapping periods.



Change Crew (by Standard Mode)

1. Click Change…


2. Select Crew


3. Select effective date of the new crew


4. Select the last date of the current crew


5. Click Change



Change Process (by Advanced Mode)

1. Click Change…


2. Click Advanced


3. Click Add to add process


4. Select new process


5. Select the effective date of the new process


6. Select the end date of the new process


7. Click Add


8. Click Close


9. The changes appear on the Edit User screen



To change Employer, Department and Occupation follow the steps of the Change Crew or Change Process section


Change Password

1. Click Change Password


2. Enter new password. Click Change



Show Shift Attendance Log

1. Click Show Shift Attendance Log


2. Select the start and end date of the report and the Status


3. Click Refresh to apply changes


4. Click Download to download the report



Edit User Details on the Manage Screen

1. Click on the Manage icon


2. Click List in the Users section


3. Double click on the user’s name. This opens the Edit User form


4. Edit user details


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