How to Share an Equipment with Another Process

Equipment such as task can be allocated to different processes as a part of the cross-functional planning. That brings together the activities of various functional groups to increase the efficiency of planning and scheduling. This guide explains how you can achieve this.


To see how to add, edit, delete equipment and print and send a status report see the "How to manage equipments" article.

Step-by-step guide

This guide provides instructions on how to:

Follow these steps to share equipment with another process in Fewzion.


Share Equipment with Another Process

1. Click on the Equipment Schedule icon


2. Click on the selected shift of the equipment in the calendar


3. Select the process that this equipment will be shared


4. Save equipment allocation



To delete a process allocation click on the allocated process in the calendar, delete the name of the process and click anywhere on the screen with the exception of the list and click Save.


Check Equipment Allocation by the Schedule

1. Click on Schedules icon


2. Check the day, the shift and the process of the allocated equipment (e.g. 734RYX [BOB])



LO509 [L10T] is an unavailable equipment for the shift because this equipment was allocated to a different process.


Check Equipment Allocation by the Planning Board

1. Click on Planning Board icon


2. Right click on the day and the shift when the equipment was allocated and click Edit Shift Plan



The type of the allocated equipment (e.g. BOB) is showed between the available equipment. If a DR (Driftrunner) was added to this shift than it would show 5 available DR in the table.

3. Check that the allocated equipment (e.g. 734RYX [BOB]) is in the list of the available equipment



LO509 [L10T] listed as an unavailable equipment for the shift because this equipment was allocated to a different process.
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