How to Manage KPIs

The master list of KPIs in your Fewzion site is relatively static, however when you need changes made to KPIs you’ll need to contact Fewzion’s support team so that we can help you implement them.

The following is the process to follow

      1. Download the list of current KPIs from your Fewzion site
          1. Login to Fewzion with a user that has Administrator access
          2. Browse to [http or https://yourfewzionsite]/KPI/ExportKPIs, with the same browser (e.g. Google Chrome) that you used to login to Fewzion in the above step
          3. Save the downloaded KPIs spreadsheet to your computer
      2. Update the downloaded spreadsheet
          1. Open the downloaded KPIs spreadsheet
          2. Update and/or add new KPIs as required
              1. Highlight all updated cells and/or new KPI rows in yellow


If you don’t do the above 2 steps before contacting support, don’t worry, we’ll download the KPIs spreadsheet for you and then update it as best we can with the information that you have given us, and will send it to you to fill in the blanks. Often we’ll also use this opportunity to review all the KPIs.
      1. Submit the updated KPIs spreadsheet to the support team
          1. Send the updated KPIs spreadsheet to
      2. We review the KPIs spreadsheet and send back to you with any questions we may have
      3. We update the KPIs in your Fewzion site
      4. We notify you of the changes and mark the ticket as Solved
      5. Update the Default KPIs
          1. Follow the relevant steps within the How to Add a Process article


Calculated KPIs need to be implemented by our development team, and hence it involves a release and deployment of Fewzion, so allow a few weeks for Calculated KPIs to be available once you submit your request.
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