Introduction to Integrations

Integration is the process of linking together different software applications functionally to achieve a more comprehensive system. Our integrations connect Fewzion with external systems (such as Ellipse, SAP, etc.) via SQL or spreadsheet source and REST API to synchronise data and provide real-time alerts. 

Integration Types

Fewzion has three integration types:

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration accesses SharePoint (by an authenticated user) from Fewzion via REST API.

This integration is configured per a Site and Fewzion Support Team maintains the settings on behalf of the Site. 

Smart Import

Smart Import is a SQL or spreadsheet based import mechanism that matches objects between a system (e.g. Ellipse, SAP, etc.) and Fewzion with proactive issue detection and resolution.


Please note, for SQL based integrations, you will need to create a "View" that can be accessed by a query to import the source data into Fewzion. The mapping of the source data to Fewzion data is available within the Fewzion management screens.

Smart Import provides:

    • Automatic and customizable object matching rules between objects to import and the objects already present in the repository
    • A set of actions that can be applied to the object to import when a matching object has been found in the repository
    • Proactive issue detection and resolution that suggests a default working solution for every broken link or conflict detected during the Smart Import

Fewzion Smart Imports by their Destinations:

    • Planned Tasks (from Ellipse)
    • Scheduled Tasks (from SAP)
    • Shift Attendance Logs (from Scenario TES)
    • Tasks (from Mainstay)
    • Users (from SAP)
    • User Leaves (from SAP)
    • Work Schedule Rules (from SAP)

Webhook Integration

Webhook Integration is a simple, real-time event-notification system via a HTTP call (REST API based). See more information about Webhooks in the How to Manage Webhook Integrations article.


How integration works in Fewzion 

For the Source Data to transfer (sychronise) to Fewzion, the data must be matched in the following ways: 

By Mappings

The Fewzion fields (e.g. Occupation) are matched to the relevant Source system fields (e.g. Position_Descrition).



Please note, if a field (e.g. Position_Description) of the Source system is not matched to a Fewzion’s field (e.g. Occupation), the data of the field cannot be imported.

By Lookups

The Source values are matched to the relevant values in Fewzion



Please note, the source data (e.g. LSL-PAC leave type) from the Source system must exist in some form (e.g. either as LSL-PAC or other leave type) in Fewzion to add the relevant Lookup. 
When a field value is not found during the import, an error log will be created.


How to set up an integration?

Please contact Support and we will organise a one-on-one consultation. 

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