Azure (Office 365) Single Sign-On Administration Setup Guide

In order to allow Fewzion to share Authentication with your users in your Azure AD, you must complete a few steps to grant Fewzion the permissions to access your user’s information for the purpose of Authorisation.

1. Go to and login with a global admin account

2. Navigate to your AD service and click on the applications tab

3. Click New at the bottom of the screen.


4. Select "Add an application my organization is developing"


5. Select Web Application and Call it Fewzion (or whatever unique name you like to make it easy to manage and find)


6. End the URL that you use to access your Fewzion Instance


7. The application is now added, and just needs some simple configuration in order to allow us to configure your Fewzion instance


8. Take note of the Client Id as you will need to provide this to us


9.Grant the above access to the Windows Azure Active Directory. This is necessary in order to read the users groups and contact details which are synced into Fewzion



10. Fewzion users Graph API to prepopulate the user details in Fewzion to allow HR and Managers to interact with Users before they have logged in. Click Add Application and select Microsoft Graph


11. And grant the above permissions


12.Click save, we are almost there :)


13. Click download Manifest and edit the line in the image below to say true


This allows the application to make use of Single Sign On with your Azure and Office 365 Login


14. Once you have saved the change to the Manifest, upload it to Azure


15. Collect required information


16. Create a new Key, grant it for 2 years and click save



The Key will be display ONLY this once between the first save, and any other refresh of the page

18. For each AD Group that you wish to link to a role in Fewzion open it in Azure


19. Take note of the Object ID.



You can link the same AD group to multiple Fewzion roles if you wish.

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