13.5 Release Notes 27-May-2016

Version: 13.5.0 (Build Number: 5882)


  • KPI Expression Engine

    The KPI Expression Engine has been upgraded to allow Tasks to be included in calculation expressions. E.g. A KPI expression can count the total number tasks of a particular type and priority for the current shift plan.
  • Task Work Order Number

    The task work order number (if available) will now be included in the task description on the Planning Board, Schedule and Actuals screens.
  • New Task Priority

    A new Task Priority of "Sequence" (Short Code "Q") has been added.
    • Tasks will now sort by priority in the order S, P, Q​, A, C.
  • Standard Task Grouping

    The Standard Tasks grid has been improved so that the expanded/collapsed state for the grouping is remembered.
  • Daily Actuals Report

    Task icons have now been added to the Daily Actuals report.
  • Equipment Schedule

    The following improvements have been made to the Equipment Schedule screen and report.
    • The Equipment Schedule now allows for custom ordering of Equipment by selecting "Custom" ordering from the drop down and dragging and dropping the Equipment to rearrange the order.
    • The Equipment Schedule report now includes the shift dates when "Show upcoming shifts" has been selected.
  • Process Plan Report

    The Process Plan report now shows summarized tasks to match the Planning Board screen and Schedule screens/reports.
  • Connection Lost Auto Reload

    An improvement has been made to automatically reload after 10 seconds when the "Connection Lost" message appears. This allows display ­only devices to refresh instead of just prompting for the OK button to be pressed.
  • Actuals Crew Leader

    Improvements have been made in Touch UI Actuals screen to allow the crew leader name to changed. Originally the crew leader name could only be selected once per shift plan.
  • Schedule Reports

    The process "Show on 24/48 Schedule" and "Show on Shift Schedule" settings are now reflected in the Schedule Screen reports to match what is being seen on screen.


  • Was producing an error "Unable to get property 'up' of undefined or null reference" when editing KPIs in the Planning Board and Schedule screens, due to DOM elements being destroyed whilst editing KPI values.
    Now the edit KPIs code will safely handle the destruction of DOM elements.

  • Was locking up when changing the task completion percentage when incomplete task notes were configured to show. An error was also occurring when changing the completion percentage and quickly closing the edit window.
    Now no longer locks or produces errors when changing the completion percentage.

  • Was eventually running out of memory when using the Actuals screen on Internet Explorer, due to memory leaks.
    Now the memory leaks have been fixed and will no longer run out of memory after extended use of the Actuals screen.

  • Was displaying Tasks at an inconsistent width and height under IE/Edge browsers.
    Now displays Tasks at a consistent width and height across all browsers.

  • Was failing to save changes when only modifying a single field, due to a bug in a third­party library used by Fewzion.
    Now saves when modifying a single field, after applying a bug fix to the third ­party library.

  • Was returning an authorisation error when attempting to print the Shift Plan report from the Actuals screen in Internet Explorer (without a PDF reader installed).
    Now passes the authentication check when printing from Actuals.

  • Was failing to close popups in Touch UI Actuals when tapping on the grayed out (masked) area, even though it has been configured to do so.
    Now closes popups when tapping on the masked area.

  • Was positioning the print dialog off the screen when printing in IE, making it impossible to print in some cases.
    Now positions the print dialog inside the screen when printing in IE.

  • Was wrongly returning a concurrency error when modifying Recurrences followed by a modification to the same Standard Task.
    Now concurrency errors will no longer be returned unless other Users modify the same data at the same time, causing a conflict.

  • Was failing to reschedule Recurrences when saving a Recurrence without any modifications.
    Now the calculations are returning values as expected.

  • Was returning an error "Unable to get property 'offsetWidth' of undefined or null reference" in IE when attempting to drag and drop a task.
    Now will trigger a reschedule when saving a Recurrence, with or without modifications.

  • Was causing a massive memory leak resulting in a server crash when uploading Task attachments in IE with the "Include local directory path when uploading files to a server" setting enabled.
    Now strips the path before uploading the file to avoid the memory leak.

  • Was running User Alerts jobs every five minutes occassioning poor performance doing high usage period.
    Now runs User Alerts once every hour resulting in improve performance.

  • Was allowing Users with a Human Resource Role to assign roles to Users.
    Now only allows Administrators to assign roles to Users.

  • Was verbosely displaying conflict errors on the Actuals and Touch UI screens due to Concurrency Exceptions.
    Now supresses Concurrency Exceptions on the Actuals and Touch UI screens.

  • Was logging uncessary Concurrency Exceptions and not returning actual and expected ETag values when Tasks were updated.
    Now no longer logs uncesssary Concurrency Exceptions and returns the actual and expected ETag values.


  • 13.5.1 (Build Number 5931)
    Was causing a text overflow in the tasks lists when the value in the target/unit field was too long.
    Now wraps the target/unit text to prevent an overflow.

  • 13.5.2 (Build Number 5941)
    Was treating the Unit and Target as one text.
    Now treats the Unit and Target as separate entities.

  • 13.5.3 (Build Number 5998)
    Was always displaying black text in the equipment roster shift columns, which was difficult to read against a dark background.
    Now displays white text against dark backgrounds.

  • 13.5.4 (Build Number 6000)[SUPPORT]
    Added API controller action to move attachment directories.

  • 13.5.5 (Build Number 6009)[SUPPORT]
    Created a client specific migration script to remove duplicate locations from Tasks..

  • 13.5.6 (Build Number 6227)
    Was not re-calculating Task counting KPIs when scheduling a new task.
    Now re-calculates when scheduling a new task.

  • 13.5.7 (Build Number 6026)
    Was returning a 'intMouseEvent' javascript error on the Actuals screen.
    Now no longer returns a intMouseEvent' javascript error on the Actuals screen.

  • 13.5.8 (Build Number 6038)
    Was causing Daily KPIs Meeting Report heading columns to be out of line when target lengths varied signifcantly.
    Now Daily KPIs Meeting Report heading columns have fixed lengths and are now in line.

  • 13.5.9 (Build Number 6050)
    Was returning a null reference javascript error when accessing the Actuals screen on IE11 due to Ext.event.publisher.TouchGesture override.
    Now no longer returns a null reference javascript error when accessing the Actuals screen on IE11.

  • 13.5.10 (Build Number 6062)[SUPPORT]
    Created a client specific migration script to set up compliance.

  • 13.5.11 (Build Number 6087)
    Was allowing Shadows task to be assigned to their destination process, through the "Copy To" feature.
    Now when copying if a Shadows task's destination process is also the assigned to process, the assign to process is removed.

  • 13.5.12 (Build Number 6109)[SUPPORT]
    Created client specific migration scripts to configure Task Compliance, Shift Plan Approvals, Scheduled Task Smart Import and Planned Task Smart Import.

  • 13.5.13 (Build Number 6137)
    Enabled CORS for OAuth.

  • 13.5.14 (Build Number 6227)[SUPPORT]
    Created client specific migration script to configure Task Compliance.

  • 13.5.15 (Build Number 6237)
    Was not always keeping together the last Task on the first page of the Shiftly Reports when the reported Tasks spilled onto a second page.
    Now always keeps together the Tasks in the Shiftly Report.

  • 13.5.16 (Build Number 6251)
    Was displaying a "Discard All" button when deleting recurring tasks.
    Now displays a "Delete All" button instead.

[SILENT] patches have no (or very little) effect on your installation, and are usually due to internal development.
[SUPPORT] fixes are client specific, and may not apply to your installation.
Please contact us if you seek clarification as to whether or not you are affected by any of these items.

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