How To Manage Planned Tasks Smart Import

A Smart Import (by definition) is an import mechanism that is matching objects between a system (e.g. SAP) and Fewzion with proactive issue detection and resolution.

The Work Schedule Rules Smart Import provides an automatic and customizable object matching by the Integration screens for work schedule rule information from the Source system (e.g. SAP).

This guide introduces to administrators how to manage the Work Schedule Rules Smart Import (e.g. mappings) easily in Fewzion.

Editing the Planned Tasks Smart Import

1. Click on the Manage icon


2. Click on the List button in the Integrations section



Click on the   icon if you would like to contact Fewzion support and start a conversation.

3. Click on the name of the Smart Import


Fill in the Smart Import details

The Integration details are displayed on the Details tab


Fill in the Source details

Edit the connection details on the Source tab


Check the applied Lookups

Lookups match field values (e.g. DM) from the Source system (e.g. SAP) to the existing field values (e.g. Diesel Maintenance) in Fewzion. The Lookup categories (e.g. Processes) are available via the Lookups tab.


Check the applied Mappings

Mappings match fields (e.g. WorkOrder) from the Source system (e.g. SAP) to the existing fields (e.g. WorkOrder) in Fewzion. Mappings are displayed on the Mappings tab


Ignore Script

The script is displayed on the Script tab


Check the Logs

The integration logs are displayed on the Logs tab


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